Medical Marijuana And Its Benefits on Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is a very chronic disease and it can even cause the death of a person who is suffering from this disease. There are several complications that can occur during the course of this disease. The treatment that is available for this disease is not a comprehensive one, but the treatment is only symptomatic. By this, we mean to say that there is no complete cure for the disease, but only the symptoms can be treated as and when they appear.

There are slow degenerative changes happening in the live and this can even lead to the formation of carcinoma. It is important to identify the presence of Hepatitis C as early as possible and treat it with the right medicine to control and get rid of the disease. Medical marijuana has been identified to be one of the safest drugs in the treatment of liver complications in Hepatitis C.

1. Anti fibrotic: Fibrosis of the liver is a very severe complication that could alter liver functioning. When the function of the liver is altered, the body does not synthesize various foods. The toxic materials are not removed from the body and this could lead to serious complications resulting in death. Hough these changes may not happen within a short time, the chronic nature of the disease ensures that these changes happen slowly and steadily till the disease becomes fatal. Marijuana helps in preventing fibrosis and prevents all other complications too.

2. Helps in regeneration of liver: Liver is the only organ in the human body that is capable of regeneration, but it can only regenerate when the disease process caused by Hepatitis C is stopped. Medical marijuana is not only able to prevent the various complications caused by Hepatitis C to the liver, but it is also able to reverse fibrosis, scarring and damage. This provides the right environment for the liver to regenerate,

3. Prevents carcinoma: Carcinoma could occur in Hepatitis C as a terminal illness. This is because of the severe damage to the liver that leads to scarring. Chronic damage and scarring could lead to carcinoma. The medical marijuana is effective in neutralizing the free radicals and this effectively fights against cancerous tendencies.

4. Helps in reducing inflammation and damage: Live inflammation and damage commonly occur in those who suffer from Hepatitis C. In fact, the inflammation is the first sign of this disease. The inflammation leads to damage to the liver. The use of medical marijuana helps to prevent all these changes and reduces the inflammation and damage.

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