Tips to Become the Fastest Suduko Puzzle Solver

Among the many pastime activities, Sudoku is the most interesting and fun game you will find. This numerical equivalent to crossword puzzles is now gaining much popularity with the young and the old. Those of you who leave the newspaper on the table to complete the Sudoku puzzle later in the day will be thrilled to learn that you can do this on your phone too. There are a lot of applications that allow you to play the game online. Let us dive into the time tested tips and techniques that experts use to crack this interesting number game.

Sudoku is basically a mathematical puzzle which entails a lot of number combinations and guessing based on reasoning. They are also quite predictable in nature. The unique feature about these puzzles is that there can be only one possible correct solution to it.


You can use any one of the two techniques to start solving any puzzle.

(1)The first one is crosshatching. If you are following this method, then you will pick up any one corner nonet that is the small 3 by 3 grid and check what are the numbers you already have there. Next scan the rows and columns corresponding to that nonet and check for the numbers present. Based on these two results, you try and fill up the grid keeping in mind that each number can be entered just one time.

It is important to note that this crosshatching technique works best if you take on a single number at a time. Also you must proceed nonet wise to complete the Sudoku fast. It is a systematic approach and can help you gain speed and precision.

(2)The second one is penciling in. This is a different technique as compared to crosshatching. Here you are supposed to write down all the possible numbers that could fill in the empty cells of the given nonet. Once you have the options written out in front of you, go back to crosshatching and follow the same process. Look carefully in each row and column and cross out the numbers that are already present. This way the small numbers begin to get eliminated one by one. And the choice of numbers eligible for the empty cells get narrowed down.

This method also has to be nonet wise but unlike crosshatching, you do not have to pick just one number at a time. Listing the numbers helps you to crack the puzzle much faster.


Once you have understood both these methods, you can begin with penciling in and move on to crosshatching. As you complete a few nonets, the puzzle will suddenly start looking a lot more interesting. A line that contains eight numbers and only a single number is left out is called as a full house. From here on, the puzzle gets easier to navigate. These techniques will help you to become fast and accurate in cracking Sudoku puzzles of all types.


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